All you need to know about InstallatiewerkNoord Holland

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Everyone in the technical installation industry can benefit from the knowledge of InstallationWerk. We lead young people to qualified electricians and installation engineers with a good future perspective. We support technical installation companies in the (by) developing sufficient professionals. We are the conversation partner with knowledge of business. From basic knowledge to specialisms and new technologies … we want to ensure that electrical engineering and installation technology in the Netherlands are well-established


Installation work; delivery and assembly of complete pump installations, including

pumps, valves, instruments

piping in plastic, thermally galvanized steel and / or stainless steel

tableware in anodised aluminum, thermally galvanized steel or stainless steel

We also provide civil and electrical engineering. We specialize in filtration and after-treatment of wastewater, process water, drinking water, cooling water intake and siphoning. The whole range from design to realization lies with us in one hand.


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